5 Tips To Build Your Confidence

1.  Write Down Your Goals Accomplishing your goals will assist you in developing your confidence as you will feel capable for future goals to come; so make a list, start where you feel comfortable, and work your way to the top of the list.   2. Track Your Growth   Keeping track of your progress […]

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Sleep Posture

You would think at this point in your life you are able to distinguish between a healthy sleeping position and an unhealthy sleeping position;  but oftentimes your own sleeping habits can be improved for better sleep quality. Sleep Posture: Back Sleeping on your back is more prone to cause snoring and sleep apnea, however, sleeping […]

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Internet of Things

Although it is relatively small still, the Internet of Things is certainly on the rise.  We are seeing more communities adopting the Internet of Things, more devices being added to the list of possibilities, and an easier way to control objects we interact with in our daily lives. So what is the concept of Internet […]

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Kentucky Bourbon Tour

Events hosted in Louisville usually don’t last an entire day.  Additionally, they typically don’t provide you with an expert to guide you through Louisville and present you with knowledge regarding bourbon and how it’s produced. Kentucky’s bourbon tour, hosted by Mint Julep Tours, offers a fully planned day where you can judge various bourbons from […]

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